How things work here at White Label cocktails

Wouldn't it be nice if you could tap into the booming cocktail industry without the overheads associated with producing them at scale? Let us show you how White Label cocktails could help you.

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A pre-batched cocktail solution

White Label Cocktails are a pre-batched cocktail solution with a difference. Designed for those who want to serve beautiful, professionally made cocktails at speed with consistency and style but without the high costs, risk or commitment to a hired-in bar team to represent their business.

Produced by professionals

The cocktails are produced by professional mixologists in a state of the art, dedicated commercial kitchen located in London.

Fresh as a daisy...

Made with the freshest seasonal ingredients and highest quality spirits, all the cocktails are made on the day of your event with no preservatives or preserving methods. What goes in the bottle is what you would expect in your glass at the best of Londons cocktail bars.

Served straight from the box...

The cocktails are delivered from the kitchen to your event in temperature controlled packaging, allowing you to serve straight from the box - no fiddly chilling techniques, no de-frosting or dripping buckets of ice and no decanting - just professional looking cocktails served with no more fuss than pouring a glass of Champagne.

Why use White Label Cocktails?


Our core menu of classics has seasonal additions, keeping the offer fresh and interesting year round

Our expert team can create a bespoke menu for your venue or event allowing you to serve cocktails that set you apart from the competition

All White Label Cocktails are packaged in unbranded bottles allowing for Front-of-House service 

High Quality

Cocktails are made in London, on the day of service, by professional mixologists

Delivered to you at service temperature with garnishes ready to go

Bartender briefing on delivery with orders of 400 or more (Minimum order of 100)

Cost Effective

Use your existing glassware, ice supplier and house team

Achieve higher margins than when serving Champagne

No Fruit wastage as all garnishes are prepared for the amount of serves delivered